Jan 30, 2013

Investment opportunity: waste to energy process

Invitation for establishment of local or foreign companies or JV of local and foreign companies to establish JV to operate and produce scavenging energy through waste to energy process at dumping grounds: (800 tons of waste at Hteinbin in Hlaingthaya Tsp. and 600 tons of waste at Daweichaung final disposal site in Dagon-Myothi(North) Tsp.)

(a) Electricity generation by generator fuelled by Methane extracted from the dump,
(b)Production of 98% pure gas (CNG-substitute gas) by transforming Methane extracted from the dump into Compressed Biomethane.
(c)Electricity generation through Incinerated Process. (Inceneration Plan)

Fro more information on this opportunity, please contact evi@myanmar-business.org