Dec 18, 2012

Japan’s telecommunications giant to invest in Myanmar

Japan second largest telecommunications company KDDI plans to invest in Myanmar and its branch office will be opened in January, the Japan Daily Press reported on December 12.

The branch office is scheduled to open in Yangon with the name of KDDI Myanmar Business Centre, and it will be the100th branch offices of KDDI.

The company will offer services especially on IT infrastructure, maintenance and operation.

The Tokyo-headquartered KDDI is a Japanese telecommunications operator founded in October 2000 through the merger of DDI Corp., KDD Corp., and IDO Corp.

Most of the Japanese investment has entered the country’s manufacturing and infrastructure sectors.

Although Japanese investment in Myanmar has increased during the second fiscal year of the new government era, it still remains at a lower-than-expected level, amounting to only US$246 million.

Source: Eleven Media Group