Nov 17, 2012

Myanmar to launch self-service gas stations

Five petrol stations in Myanmar are planning to offer by December a "self-service system" with the use of Myanmar Payment Union (MPU) cards, InfoSyS Myanmar Technologies said.

Also known as the “e-filling station”, the new system has complete control of a petrol station through a computer system that will allow customers to fill in tanks on their own by using the card. The card is a kind of a debit card and a credit card designed for a swift domestic payment system.

Zaw Min Aye of InfoSys said the new system, which is a 24-hour service, will solve customers’ complaints of inaccurate petrol measurements at the filling stations.

To use the system, a petrol station will have to invest approximately US$7,000 for hardware equipment and software.

He said the service was co-developed by Tatsuno Engineering & Service in Thailand.

There are about 400 privately owned filling stations in Myanmar, and 500 stations are waiting for their license to be approved. The government has allowed privately owned petrol stations to operate since June 2010.

Source: 11 Media Group