Nov 2, 2012

4 projects to boost Myanmar gas supply

Myanmar will be producing about 700 billion cubic foot of natural gas a year from four projects by 2013, the Ministry of Energy said.

Two gas fields in Yedagun and Yadana in the Andaman Sea are currently generating over 430 billion cu/ft of natural gas each year. Two other projects in Shwe and Zawtika in the Mottoma coast will be producing 250 million cu/ft of gas staring next year.

The projects, however, would not be able to meet the demand for local consumption by 2014, as authorities estimate only 66 per cent of the demand will be met.

The government will be needing a supply of 800 million cu/ft a day by the end of 2013 and early 2014. The natural gas project will be able to provide only 528 million cu/ft a day.

Source: 11 Media Group