Oct 2, 2012

Myanmar strives for developing smokeless industry

Myanmar is making efforts to develop tourism, a smokeless industry, in light of its reform strategy by introducing a policy of responsible tourism in the country.

The responsible tourism policy is being developed with the technical and financial support from the Germany-based Hanns Seidal Foundation and a master plan in this regard is being drafted.

The plan is also supported by the Norwegian government and the Asian Development Bank.

Myanmar stands a tourist destination for international travelers to experience its abundantly rich, cultural and natural heritage, genuine hospitality and spiritual value.

It is becoming an attractive destination for foreign investment too.

The Myanmar Ministry of Hotels and Tourism has organized tourism development workshops in key tourist destinations to discuss with the stakeholders on current and future challenges.

There are more things to be done for the visitors to have comfort, convenient and safe experience during their stay in Myanmar as pointed out by Myanmar Vice President Sai Mauk Kham recently at a UN World Tourism Day function.

He stressed that when in Myanmar, it is Myanmar's responsibility to enable visitors to feel safe and healthy, well taken care of and that they return home with pleasant memory which will be passed on to other people who are going to visit or revisit Myanmar.

He also emphasized the importance of the tour guides tasking them to have quality training for presentation and a master of language skill.

Myanmar has made consistent efforts for tourism development in a sustainable and responsible way in line with the government's reform strategy and economic liberalization, evidently resulting in the positive trend and dramatically increasing number of international arrival.

According to official statistics, the total international arrivals during 2011 were over 800,000 including those coming in through border entry points from China and Thailand, while those entering through Yangon and Mandalay international airports totaled 381,000, 26 percent up from 2010.

The figure for the last eight months of 2012 were 340,458 by air, up 40 percent compared with the same period of 2011.

Myanmar rejoined the UN World Tourism Organization in June this year which promised to support Myanmar in taking full advantage of its tremendous tourist potential.

To create more jobs for the local people, the Myanmar government is also keen to encourage both foreign and local investment in the hotel and tourist sector.

Source: Ximhua