Sep 23, 2012

Myanmar in bid to launch satellite

Myanmar is looking at launching a small Earth-observation satellite with Japanese aid, a company official said today, as the country comes in from the cold after decades of isolation.

Japan’s Marubeni Aerospace Corp has been conducting a feasibility study for the Myanmar government this year on the satellite launch, a company official said.

He added that Myanmar’s Minister for Transport Nyan Tun Aung met a regional representative of Marubeni Corp, the aerospace firm’s parent, on Wednesday as they prepared to hold a workshop on the plan in the second week of October.

“We are in the process of assessing if the launch will be valuable for Myanmar. We have yet to draw up a report,” the official said. “It may take a long time before a decision is made.”

He added that the satellite launch was one of a number of possible projects that might be funded through official Japanese loans.

If the launch goes ahead, the satellite will be used by the meteorology and hydrology department of Myanmar’s transport ministry, according to the country’s official media.

Source: AFP