Aug 7, 2012

Myanmar exports over 3 mln tons of rice in four months

Myanmar exported 3.323 million tons of rice in the first four months (April-July) of the fiscal year 2012-13, local media reported Sunday.

During the period, earning from exporting 34,973 tons of broken rice amounted to 10.46 million U.S. dollars, said the First Weekly News.

In 2011-12, earning through export of 53,106 tons of broken rice was registered as 16.049 million dollars.

The export were mainly done through border trade with China and Thailand as well as the Philippines and Indonesia.

In 2011-12, Myanmar exported over 800,500 tons of rice, of which 75 percent were sold to Africa, Bangladesh, Indonesia and the Philippines.

In January, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Myanmar and Indonesia on exporting 200,000 tons of Myanmar rice in a year.

Myanmar has a total area of 20 million acres (8.1 million hectares) for paddy cultivation with 17 million acres for monsoon cultivation and 3 million acres for summer cultivation.

The ministry of commerce said, every year Myanmar produces about 1,300 baskets (27,170 kilogram) of paddy, which is equivalent to about 13 to 14 tons of milled rice.

Source: Xinhua