Mar 11, 2012

Labor organization law takes effect in Myanmar

Myanmar's Labor Organization Law has taken effect since Friday according to an announcement signed by President U Thein Sein and made public on Saturday.

The Labor Organization law, approved last year by the parliament, covers protecting employees' rights, setting up good relationship between employers and employees as well as forming labor associations systematically and freely.

The Labor Organization Law was enacted in accordance with the provision of International Labor Organization (ILO) and its recommendations.

The Law Revoking the 1964 Labor-Related Law was also enacted in November 2011.
Meanwhile, Myanmar and the ILO agreed in January this year on extending supplementary memorandum of understanding on eradication of forced labor for one more year, according to earlier reports.

The extension of the understanding signified Myanmar's continuation of the cooperation between the government and the ILO and the move also confirmed Myanmar government's commitment to the prohibition of forced labor and guarantee of the rights of citizens.

The supplementary understanding supports the application of existing laws prohibiting the use of forced labor in Myanmar and it provides a complaint mechanism, facilitated by the ILO liaison officer in Yangon.

According to the supplementary understanding, Myanmar citizens, with protection from reprisal, can seek justice under the law if they are subjected to forced labor.
Myanmar and the ILO reached the agreement in February 2007 on the establishment of a complaint mechanism for victims of forced labor.

Myanmar government also claimed that it had exposed some forced labor cases in the country over the past few years based on public complaints and had taken punitive action to show its implementation of international norms on forced labor.

Source: Xinhua