Mar 5, 2012

General Electric to sell goods in Myanmar

The medical equipment division of General Electric Co has reached a deal with a local partner to sell its products in Myanmar and said it could expand further as the country continues to open up to the outside world.

GE Healthcare appointed Sea Lion Co Ltd on February 25 as the national dealer for its products in Myanmar.

Although the US government still has sanctions on investment in the country, foreign businesses are starting to test the waters because of political and economic reforms under a new civilian government in office since last March.

Foreign governments have said they would monitor elections on April 1 and if they are deemed free and fair, some could start to lift or soften sanctions.

Asked about GE Healthcare’s plans, regional spokesman Khor Jiak Woen said by email: “We have decided to permit the sale of GE Healthcare equipment and services into Myanmar. We will continue to carefully monitor developments in Myanmar and will decide when to permit the sale of other GE products and services as conditions evolve.”

In a statement to mark the venture with Sea Lion, David Utama, the chief executive officer of GE Healthcare ASEAN, stressed the company could help modernise Myanmar’s healthcare system with its medical imaging products and information technology.

Source: Reuters