Feb 24, 2012

Myanmar-Thailand business meeting held in Yangon

A Myanmar-Thailand business meeting was held at the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI) here Tuesday aiming at boosting bilateral trade and investment.

The business meeting was held between a 40-member delegation led by Ms. Luxana Jariyawatskul, Chairman of Regina Hotel and Golf Club in Thailand and Myanmar entrepreneurs.

The Myanmar representatives presented the opportunities in Myanmar to further promote bilateral cooperative ties and investment.

The meeting focused on sectors of marine products, food and beverages, agriculture, oil palm, rubber and hotel and tourism.

Thailand's key exports to Myanmar include textiles, shoes, marine products, rice, rubber, jewelry, motor cars, computer and electronic accessories. It imports from Myanmar forestry products, marine products, agricultural produces and natural gas.

Statistics show that Thailand represented the second in Myanmar 's foreign investment line-up with 9.568 billion dollars in 61 projects as of November 2011.

Last month, a similar business matching meeting had been held on trading of automotive products, consumer products and other household goods.

Source: Xinhua