Feb 23, 2012

Bagan Capital nets MBN

In a move that recognises the importance of easily-accessed, authentic information flows to the success of its core business, Bagan Capital Limited has announced that from March 1, 2012, it will absorb the activities of the Myanmar Business Network and its associated website. 
Bagan Capital CEO, Jeremy Kloiser-Jones, indicated that the founder of MBN, Evelin Petkov, will join Bagan as a Director.  'We are very pleased to welcome Evelin on board, given his extensive Myanmar contacts and his success in building the MBN into  the most highly patronised source of on-line information about  the  Myanmar business sector'  , he said, adding that  the boost to Bagan's resources will enhance its capacity to meet the diverse needs of the firm's growing list of clients, as global interest in Myanmar investment opportunities continues to surge.
While flagging branding changes and the possible rolling out of site enhancements during the year, Jeremy   stressed that Bagan Capital plans to ensure that MBN remains the site of choice for those sourcing up-to-date economic and business news from Myanmar, with content quality matching or exceeding that which has underpinned MBN's popularity so far.