Dec 23, 2011

Myanmar introduces 1st telecommunication service call center

Myanmar has introduced the first- ever call center in Yangon which provides telecommunication information services to customers, according to IT circle Wednesday.

The Yatanarpon Teleport Call Center was jointly launched by the state-run Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications, Yatanarpon Teleport company and Blue Ocean Operating Management in cooperation with 12 other companies including Yellow Pages Directory, Columbus Travels and Tours, Smart Resources Education Center and Asian Wings Airline.

With over 200 local and foreign experts, the call center offers 24-hour information service on public education, health, social services and communication services.

It also offer special services to private companies by answering their several inbound and outbound calls.

In addition to telephone contact, services related to the Internet, e-mail, live chats, fax and instant messaging are also available.

Similar centers will be launched in Nay Phi Taw and Mandalay as a follow-up program, the sources said.

According to official statistics, there are over 1.09 million auto-telephones and 2.1 million mobile phones in Myanmar totaling 3.19 million at present compared with 74,855 in 1988. The telephone density of the country has hit 5.4 percent in the entire nation with 30 percent in Yangon and 20 percent in Mandalay.

There remains lesser density in rural areas and efforts are being made for installation of cellular, CDMA-450, CDMA-800 and GSM phones for the increase of the telephone density, better facility and wider coverage of telephone in the rural areas.

Internet users reached 380,000 in Myanmar in March 2011, up 28, 610 compared with the same period of 2010.

Source: Xinhua