Oct 26, 2011

Myanmar media calls for int'l support for transition to democracy

Myanmar official media Tuesday called on the international community including the United Nations to provide encouragement, understanding and support to the country in its peaceful transition to democracy.

At this critical juncture, such encouragement, understanding and support of the international community are crucial to Myanmar' s transition to democracy, the New Light of Myanmar quoted Vice President Sai Mauk Kham as saying.

"The government has now embarked on a series of reform process in various sectors to bring about democractization, economic development and improved livelihood of the people," Sai told a UN- related function in Nay Pyi Taw Monday, adding that "The steps taken are concrete and visible. The reform process is incremental, systematic and dynamic as well".

"The union government, together with the region and state governments are harmoniously striving for emergence of a clean government based on good governance, wide spread of democratic practices, prevalence of law and order, concrete economic reform and more effective environmental conservation," said Sai.

Noting that the common desire of the people and the government of Myanmar are to live in peace and stability in a modern and developed nation, Sai reiterated that the government has extended olive branch to ethnic armed groups staying outside the legal fold to build permanent peace in the country.

Sai maintained that the government's Oct 12 amnesty grant to 6, 539 prisoners was made on humanitarian ground to show sympathy towards their families and enable them to serve their own interest and of the state .

He also stressed that the fundamental rights of Myanmar citizens are guaranteed by the state constitution, adding that Myanmar National Human Rights Commission was formed recently to further implement the promotion and safeguarding of the fundamental rights of the citizens as prescribed in the constitution.

Source: Xinhua