Aug 2, 2011

Myanmar offers vast business, investment opportunities

Vast business and investment opportunties await foreign entrepreneurs in Myanmar, especially in construction and infrastructure, utilities, consultancy services and property development.

Tan Sri Soong Siew Hoong, executive advisor to the Chinese Executive Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Malaysia (ACCIM), said Myanmar, although a rich country in terms of arable land and natural resources, was one of the least developed in the world.

"Myanmar has a population of 53.99 million and 666,000 sq km land - double the population of Malaysia. But it is 30 years behind us", he told a media briefig on Malaysia-Myanmar Innovative Products and Services Expo Investment Seminar and business matching.

He said Malaysian companies could provide machinery, food additives, as well as packaging to tap the huge opportunties in the food industry due to Myanmar's large population.

The expo will be held in Yangon, September 15-18.

Source: Bernama