Aug 2, 2011

Myanmar domestic ferry business (overview)

The Myanmar inland water transport authorities started on Monday to charge at a double rate for domestic waterway ferry fare as for consigned parcel goods service.

A total of 300 passenger vessels are operating on scheduled ferry services across the country.

Meanwhile, Myanmar is upgrading the Yangon port to raise freight handling capacity, carrying out a project of expanding the port which handles 70 percent of the country's import and export goods.

The Yangon Port expansion project is to be completed within three years.

According to official figures, a total of 41 small and large jetties at Yangon port can yearly handle 6,800 vessels of Inland Water Transport and private-owned vessels on arrival and 6,885 vessels for departure.

Moreover, the port authorities has also planned to construct a 7.26km long four-lane road including a railroad between Strand Road and Yangon River to ensure no traffic congestion of trucks and container trucks moving on the Strand Road.

The Yangon port is among the nine sea ports in the country.

Source: Philstar