Aug 16, 2011

"Made in Myanmar Show" in Yangon (August 26-28)

Myanmar will hold "Made in Myanmar Show" at the Tatmadaw hall in Yangon this month in order to promote products of Myanmar to the local and international markets.

Organized by the Universal Link Service Co., Ltd, the three-day show is scheduled to take place from Aug. 26 to 28.

A total of 100 booths, which feature talk about Myanmar's culture, Myanmar cultural show, music and entertainment show, Myanmar puppet show and advertisement program for products of Myanmar, will include at the show.

The event will create the opportunity to expand local and international markets through the linkages accordingly and to produce high-tech and high-quality Myanmar products by means of technology transfer through investment.

Meanwhile, Myanmar puppeteers have been taken part in the international events. Puppet play is integral to the Myanmar culture since ancient times and the puppet shows were very popular during the 18th century and their popularity even exceeded human performers.

Source: Xinhua