Aug 8, 2011

Ivanhoe Mines receives proceeds of US$103 million from Monywa Trust

Ivanhoe Mines announced last Wednesday that it has received US$103 million as payment for a promissory note from the Monywa Trust.

Ivanhoe Mines transferred the ownership of its former 50% interest in the Monywa Project to the independent, third-party Monywa Trust in February 2007. In exchange for the interest, the Monywa Trust issued an unsecured, non-interest-bearing promissory note to an Ivanhoe Mines subsidiary.
Ivanhoe Mines has held no interest in the Monywa Project, and has had no involvement with the administration and operation of the Monywa Project, since 2007.

After acquiring Ivanhoe’s former interest in the Monywa Project, the independent trustee engaged an independent service provider to help the Trust identify potential buyers. Ivanhoe Mines had no involvement in discussions between the Monywa Trust and its service provider with potential purchasers or with the ultimate sale of the interest.

Source: Ivanhoe Mines Ltd.