Aug 29, 2011

Industrial zones at borders proposed

The government is planning to build industrial zones in a number of border areas to stimulate trade, the Minister of Industry 2, U Thein Soe, said during a national industry development committee meeting on August 16.

‘’I discussed with President U Thein Sein to establish of a new industrial zone as a special economic zone [SEZ] between Hlaing Bwe township and Hpa-an township in Kayin State and he agreed to do that,” U Thein Soe said on August 16.
He added that between 30 and 50 factories would be included at the zone but did not give any further details.

‘’We will allow labour intensive factories [to be built] in order to create jobs for people in border areas and prioritise export-oriented goods and import substitution,” he said.

He said that once the industrial zone in Kayin State was completed, similar zones would be set up in Mon and Rakhine states.

Source: Myanmar Times