Jul 16, 2011

Proposals for 120 new hotels in Mandalay

Four areas outside downtown Mandalay are under discussion as new hotel zones to increase the room capacity in Myanmar’s second largest city.

In 2010, a total of 230,000 visitors came to Mandalay. Proposals call for as many as 120 new hotels providing a total of 4,322 rooms in the new hotel zones, according to one businessman.

Observers say tourism in Mandalay is expected to increase rapidly and it would be difficult to expand the capacity of existing hotels in downtown Mandalay because of real estate prices. Some of the new hotels are expected to be boutique hotels located among scenic and cultural attractions. Hoteliers reportedly suggested to authorities new areas to establish hotels.

One source said four locations are being discussed: from Kywesun to Sagaing Bridge along the Irrawaddy River; south of Taungthaman Lake; at the confluence of the Innwa-Doathtawaddy rivers and Irrawaddy River; and along the road to Aungpinle Waterfall. Other areas being mentioned include locations near scenic temples and Innwa Era cultural buildings.

Source: Mizzima