Jul 14, 2011

Jim Rogers: I would buy Myanmar Stocks

In an interview with Forbes on the 6th of April, when asked about which Asian market he would buy, Jim Rogers replied:

I’m not buying shares anywhere right now because I would rather own commodities. I’m still skeptical of the world economy. If Myanmar opens a stock exchange – and they’re trying, I would buy shares there in a minute.
Well, there are 80 million people (that are) disciplined (and) educated, and vast natural resources. There is India on the left and China on the right, It’s starting to open up – not according to the western press, but you know, it’s time (for them) to open up. It’s got enormous potential. They don’t have to compete with Westerners because the Westerners are all boycotting. They don’t have to compete with Exxon because Exxon is not there, so it’s wonderful for anybody who’s there in business. They’re going to make a lot of money, because a lot of Westerners are not going there yet.

Source: Forbes