Jun 27, 2011

New Jade field discovered in Kachin State

A new jade field has been located in Hpakant in Kachin State in northeast Myanmar, according to a retired geologist who carried out research in the area.

Soe Thein, the geologist, said the new jade field has been named ‘Jade Gaday Field’.

Soe Thein said that he has studied in a foreign country, where he learned how to employ high technology tools, use of data compiled from NASA pictures and other techniques.

‘I compiled the data and made calculations’, he said. ‘Finally, I processed digital image data and discovered the new field'.

Soe Thein said, ‘I cannot guarantee the quality of the jade’ but he noted it is close to the ‘Yadanar Gaday Gadar Field’, an older field, that was discovered about 15 years ago.

Asia World Company owns the ‘Yadanar Gaday Gadar Field’, and it is believed to have earned a profit of 50 million euro last year, according to sources. That figure could not be confirmed.

Source: Mizzima