May 19, 2011

Myanmar targets $700 million in fish exports

FISHERIES exports have already earned more than US$41 million in a little over one month of the 2011-12 financial year, a Department of Fisheries (DOF) official said last week.

“We’ve earned $41.05 million so far in exports, which is about $1 million lower than our target. This year, freshwater fish exports have earned $10.19 million which is $6.6 million less than at this stage last year,” U Win Myint Maung, the DOF director, said during the weekly Myanmar Fisheries Federation meeting on May 10.

The department has not officially announced an export target for the financial year but officials say they are using last year’s target of $700 million in the meantime.

U Win Myint Maung said cultured fish exports have also fallen slightly against the corresponding period last year.

However, increases in eel and mud crab exports have helped to make up the difference.

“This year we’ve earned $3.35 million from exporting crabs, which is $66,000 more than at this time last year, even though the export price at Muse in Shan State is lower by about $150, at $2800 a tonne,” he said.

Eel export prices have climbed by one-third in the past year, rising from $3055 to $4040 a tonne at Muse, which is the main market for eel exports. Eel exports have so far earned $1.68 million or $30,400 more than last year, he said. Fisheries exported via border trade have so far earned about $18 million, with sales to China worth $4.65 million, $10.92 million to Thailand and $2.6 million to Bangladesh.

Source: Myanmar Times