May 7, 2011

EU business people open for engagement with Myanmar

The emerging economies of ASEAN have become a magnet for European businesses, but some ongoing regional security issues still affect their decision on weather or not to invest in generating business here.

Making a comment on Myanmar, PT Mercedes Benz Indonesia president Echoing Urtenburger said that a number of European businesses had actually been operating in Myanmar since 1997 and that more would come when the economic environment became more stable.

“I have to see that every place is free, compliant, and not driven by dictatorship. For us, inability to comply is one important issue,” he told the Post. And as long as “it’s a free decision, as a businessperson, I’m open” for having business engagement with businesspeople from Myanmar.

While refusing to comment on issues concerning Myanmar that might affect European business interests, EU Trade Commissioner Karel de Gucht said he believed that Myanmar was an interesting place for “further economic development and economic ties, as well as for investment”.

Source: The Jakarta Post with contribution by Myanmar Business News