May 21, 2011

Actor Lwin Moe talks business

Burmese actor Lwin Moe supported the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) in the 2010 election, and he is now engaged in business in Rangoon. Mizzima talked with him about the new government, his career and business.

Question: You supported the USDP in the election. How do you feel the new government did in its first 100 days?

Answer: I have businessmen friends like Dr. Khin Shwe and Yuzana Htay Myint. When they took part in election campaign, I joined them. They (the new government) are carrying out their plan and policies gradually. Now the division of power and separation of power is clearer and more obvious.

Q: The new government said that it would try to be a clean and good government. They also said they would fight against corruption. Do you think that corruption is rampant in the country?

A: It seems they will do everything by declaring it first. They made public their intention of installing a clean government so now they must carry out this plan gradually. This is my personal view.

Q: Hip hop singer Zeya Thaw who was recently released from prison said that politics is noble work and everyone should work in politics. What do you think?

A: Everybody will have their own attitudes and opinion. Now the government has already announced its position saying everyone can take part in politics.

Q: In what field are you most active and interested in now: artist, businessman or politics?

A: Currently, I devote my life to business. In fact, my experience and attitude are a long way from being devoted to politics.

Q: Will it be good if the new government releases political prisoners?

A: This is government policy, and it is up to them to decide.

Q: We hear that you are now involved in the gold mining business.

A: The mining business needs a big investment in building a refinery, etc. I am in this business with my friends. We have to make a calculated risk in mining copper, gold etc. Mining is like a lottery.

Source: Mizzima