Apr 29, 2011

10th Sino-Burmese Trade Fair opened today in Muse

The 10th Sino-Burmese Border Trade Fair opened on Friday in Muse on the Burmese-China border in Shan State.

The exhibition venue is 2,016 square meters including 224 showrooms. Myanmar and China are scheduled to each display products in 108 venues. Two showrooms each have been set aside for companies from Thailand, India, Bangladesh and Laos.

The three-day trade fair held in the ‘105-Mile Trade Zone’ in Muse will display a wide range of products including gems and jades, furniture, agricultural products, industrial products and marine products, according to Major Tay Za Aung Win, director of the Border Trade Department in the Ministry of Commerce.

‘The aim is to promote bilateral trade between the two countries. We will display gems in about ten showrooms’, Major Tay Za Aung Win told Mizzima.

China will mainly exhibit cars and electrical products, he said.

The Sino-Burmese border trade fair was started in 2002, alternating between Jiegao, a border town in Southwestern Yunnan Province, and Muse.

Source: Mizzima