Jan 27, 2022

SUPER DEAL: Suniram apartment building available for rent at rock-bottom prices


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Jan 6, 2022

Ministry of Electricity and Energy: Tender invitation for Consulting Services


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Myanmar economy expected to recover in 2022 with strong GDP growth projected at 10-15%

It is expected that the growth will be fueled by private domestic investment and state investment in infrastructure. 

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Nov 20, 2021

NEW: list of foreign individuals who are involved in real estate scams in Myanmar is now available

Over the past 10 years in Myanmar we have seen and experienced a lot of dishonest behavior and lack of moral conduct by foreign "cowboys" in the country's nascent real estate sector. 

If you are a Myanmar or foreign investor and need to conduct a reputational due diligence on foreigners involved with real estate projects in the country, please contact evi@myanmar-business.org

Oct 30, 2021

Wine clearance sale and barter opportunity

We are currently clearing our stock of premium European wines at cost. Willing to consider opportunities for barter, namely wine in exchange for foodstuff, beer, gems, or any other items.  

For more information, please contact evi@myanma-business.org or 09421060286

Sep 13, 2021

Debt finance available for local (owned by Myanmar citizens) microfinance companies in Myanmar

A group of European investors would like to provide debt finance to the leading Myanmar-owned microfinance companies. For more information on the terms and conditions, please contact evi@myanmar-business.org

Aug 24, 2021

Boom and bust in the microfinance sector in Myanmar

While many microfinance institutions are facing the prospects of bankruptcy due to a high share of non-performing loans, others are pushing strongly and expanding their market share. It is certainly a time of market consolidation in the sector. 

VisionFund Myanmar continues to support underserved communities, smallholder farmers, and vulnerable populations following the crisis in February. Between February to June 2021, VFM disbursed 40,098 loans totalling MMK 33.6 billion. Over half of these loans went to the agriculture sector. Read our situation report to find out more. For more information, please click HERE