Nov 24, 2015

Myanmar govt ready to allocate 4G licenses

Myanmar's communications ministry is ready to facilitate the nation's rapidly developing mobile industry's migration to 4G as soon as operators are ready to roll out the technology.

Deputy minister U Thaung Tin told the Myanmar Times that the ministry is ready to supply the spectrum needed for 4G rollouts if operators want to launch 4G services.

Mobile operators Telenor Myanmar and Ooredoo Myanmar both indicated that they will consider deploying 4G networks in the market - but only once enough subscribers have migrated to 4G handsets.

State-owned MPT said it had plans to support LTE services but has been unable to because 4G licenses have yet to be issued.

The three operators will meanwhile soon be facing competion in the form of a fourth operator.

The Myanmar Times has separately reported that Roland Berger has been engaged to help the joint venture of domestic technology companies established to partner with an international operator and roll out mobile services choose this partner.

Roland Berger advised on the government tender that saw the allocation of mobile licenses to Telenor and Ooredoo as part of the liberalization of Myanmar's telecom sector.

A group of 11 local companies, including a new subsidiary of Yatanarpon Teleport, are taking part in the consortium. The operator will be 51% owned by these companies and 49% owned by the international partner.


Nov 20, 2015

Pearl Production Set to Double

Four new companies are set to get pearl production licences while the industry estimates that production will double in the coming years, according to state-run Myanmar Pearl Enterprise (MPE).

Four local-foreign joint venture companies and four local companies are currently operating in Myanmar.

Regular buyers in Myanmar pearl auctions are from Hong Kong, China, America, Australia, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Lebanon and Japan.

Daw Mya Mya Win, manager of the distribution department of MPE, said, “Our Enterprise is earning money for the country. We are upgrading the quality of production and improving our service.”

To get permission to produce pearls, companies will have to come to a production sharing contracts with the MPE. The country takes 30 percent of production as a tax for JV companies, and takes 25 percent from wholly locally owned companies.

A total of 157,489 pearls (or 323.41 kilograms) worth $7.67 million were produced in 2012-13, while 229,149 pearls (463.3 kilograms) worth $13.7 million were produced in 2013-14.

Source: Myanmar Business Today

Nov 19, 2015

Myanmar expecting surge in Foreign Direct Investment

MYANMAR'S private sector expects a big boost in foreign investment following the November 8 election, thanks to the smooth outcome that promises continuation of the country's pro-business strategy.

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Online Group Invests in New Recruitment Website

Internet holding company MMOne Online Group has launched a new job website,, in a bid to tap the rapid growth of online recruitment in the human resources and corporate sectors.

The company claims that its website allows users to easily find jobs in various categories such as engineering, sales, marketing, finance or HR from companies in Myanmar.

The website also has a dedicated section with jobs targeted to more experienced personnel as well as for expats in Myanmar, given the demand for more qualified senior roles and expats in the country.

“We provide job seekers a simple and easy way to find thousands of quality jobs and employers to find their next great hire and develop their employer brand,” said Matt De Luca, managing director of

The entire business model of the website is based on supporting employers to identify their job requirements, and then promote those jobs to prospective job seekers.

As internet penetration rises in Myanmar, companies are increasingly turning to online recruitment and sourcing.

“We have been closely monitoring Myanmar for almost three years and we decided now is the right time to enter the market and activate,” Justin Sway, founder and CEO of MMOne.

“Mobile coverage and internet penetration are growing at an incredible pace and soon most of the population will be fully connected. It’s the next evolution of the country and it’s very exciting and satisfying to be part of this rapid change in Myanmar. Our investment is significant and we intend to be the leading provider in our selected online markets,” Sway added.

MMOne earlier this year also invested in, a real estate portal in Myanmar.

Source: Myanmar Business Today

Myint & Associates Snaps Aussie Embassy as Tenant at Vantage Tower

Local conglomerate Myint & Associates said it has signed a deal with the Australian Embassy in Myanmar to have the latter as a major tenant in the firm’s flagship development, Vantage Tower.

The deal was negotiated with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) of Australia in Canberra and will result in the relocation of the Australian Embassy from their current office on the Strand road to Levels 11,12,13 and 14 of the building, Myint & Associates said.

The Embassy will house its consular services, offices, diplomatic services and a medical centre within the 33,361 square feet (sqft) of occupied area.

“The reasons for the Embassy choosing Vantage Tower are the strategic location, the high quality building specification, the world-class supporting infrastructure – such as 100 percent redundancy back-up power and high speed fibre-optic internet connection – provided by the Tier III Date Centre, certified by the Uptime Institute of the USA, and the high-tech building management and security systems that are being implemented that make this building one of the safest in Myanmar,” Hugo Slade, managing director of Slade Property Services, claimed.

Vantage Tower, a 236,144 sq-ft (21,938 square metre) mixed-use building, is located on Pyay road.

“The signing of the lease with the Australian Embassy is a significant achievement for us. The due diligence process undertaken by the Australian Embassy was very comprehensive and detailed and I am proud of the fact that Vantage Tower both met and surpassed all expectations,” said U Soe Khine, general manager of Myint & Associates.

Slade said Vantage Tower has approximately 20,000sqft of office space remaining available for lease, with demand coming from international tenants and other Embassies.

“The property offers good value for money. Our rental rates are not opportunistic, but rather reflect the high quality of the building and the supporting facilities that no other property can offer in this market,” he claimed.

“The developer has invested a significant amount of time and resources into making sure that this property has all of the necessary car parking, technology and facilities to ensure that all tenants enjoy consistent business operation and minimum disruption,” Slade added.

Source: Myanmar Business Today

Myanmar-China border trade tops $3 bn

The border trade between Myanmar and China has topped US$3 billion this year, which is about $200 million more than last year’s value during the same period.

The border trade hubs in Muse, Lweje, Chinshwehal and Kanpitetee all process transactions with China, with Muse processing the highest trade volume.

Myanmar has signed border trade contracts with India, Thailand, China and Bangladesh.

Myanmar exports agricultural products, animal products, mineral extracts, forest products and industrial finished products. The country imports commodities, industrial raw materials and capital goods.

Mobile investigation units are also combating illegal smuggling at border gates.

Source: Eleven Weekly Media

22 bids for traffic contract

Twenty-two joint-venture companies have submitted tenders to upgrade Yangon’s traffic system, according to the roads and bridges department of the Yangon City Development Committee.

A departmental spokesperson said: “We have received 22 tender applications. The list includes foreign companies in joint ventures with domestic firms. The department will scrutinise them within a month.”

To solve Yangon’s worsening traffic jams, the YCDC invited bids to automate the road clearance system through a control centre.

The budget is about Ks20 billion and will be implemented as quickly as possible in a bid to unblock the congested city. Myanmar’s companies were not in a position to carry it out, the YCDC said.

There are 175 traffic posts in Yangon, some of which are not working effectively. Some are left unmanned and others are broken.

With the help of the Japan International Cooperation Agency, automatic traffic clearance systems have been installed at 10 posts in Yangon, centring on Chawdwingone in Mayangon Township.

Source: Eleven Weekly Media