Sep 21, 2016

Ministry of Transport and Communications - Myanmar Railways: Yangon- Mandalay Railway improvement project

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His Excellency U Ohn Win, Union Minister for Natural Resources & Environmental Conservation to Open CMT’s 3rd Myanmar Mining Summit in Yangon.

Co-Hosted by the newly merged Ministry of Natural Resources & Environmental Conservation, CMT's 3rd Myanmar Mining summit to be held on18-20 October in Yangon boasts of authoritative panel of senior officials and leading industry players examining new mining legislation, mineral potential and downstream opportunities, financing options, and vital safety and sustainability  challenges.
Recognized as a platform to meet the key officials and decision-makers and to connect with genuine local or foreign partners, CMT’s 3rd Myanmar Mining Summit focuses on Myanmar's new mining legislation, mineral potential and downstream opportunities, financing options, and vital safety and sustainability aspects.

Spanning over 3 days the program begins on 18 October with a pre-summit workshop on ‘Geological Workshop on Mineral Resources in Myanmar & Prospectivity’ led by panel of experts from University of Tasmania, TRIUMPH(MMT) Co Ltd, Myanmar Precious Resources Group, Macle Gem Trade Laboratory, and DGSE, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation. Workshop highlights include important pointers such as status of geosciences & current GSL/MGS memoir of Myanmar, tectonic & metallogenic mines, mineral deposit types & exploration potentials, environment & sustainability of mining sector and a panel discussion on mining exploration.

Main conference program continues on 19October with vital discussions and official addresses on:

  •  Amended Mining Law & Regulation(Licensing & Concessions)
  • Mineral Potential in Myanmar & Exploration Activities Updates
  • Foreign Company Operating in Myanmar: Investment &Taxation Related  to Mining Operation
  •  Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) Report Updates & Forward Directives
  • Mining Project Financing &Options –Development of Myanmar’s Gold & Base Metal Exchange
  •  Development of Downstream Smelting & Refining Facilities
  •  Enforcement on Mining Safety, Environmental Conservation Sustainability(Local Community Engagement & CSR)

The summit wraps up with a post-summit workshop on afternoon of 20 October examining internationally accepted best practices in safety, environmental management, and community and social responsibility. Policy makers, government staff working in the minerals industry and Myanmar-based mining operators are expected to attend the summit and workshops.

Sep 16, 2016

Ministry of Transport and Communication, Myanma Port Authority: Invitation for Expression of Interest to conduct channel development project for Yangon River

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Sep 10, 2016

Invitation for JV in production of Tyre and Rubber products (Heavy Industries Enterprise, Ministry of Industry)

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Sep 8, 2016

Invitation to supply High speed Diesel (~423,000 barrels) - Ministry of Electricity and Energy

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Urgently needed building (office hall type/warehouse/single house) or land for office (1,000 sq.m.+lab 1,000 sq. m)

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Sep 6, 2016

Report on 11 textile factories now available for sale - $500

Info included for each factory:
(1) Location

(2)  Area  :  Total  701.27 acre
(3)  Products  :  Yarn(100% cotton)  -  1/7,1/16,1/21,1/32
  Grey  Fabric   -  21 x 21 /52 x 50 - 44"
  (100 %cotton )  30 x 30 /68 x 68 - 50"
  32 x 32 /68 x 68 - 47"
  40  x 40 /96 x 72 - 47"
  Bleached & Dyed   -  100 %cotton Fabrics
  Fabric   100 %polyester Fabrics
  P/C blended Fabrics
  P/Rayon blended Fabrics
  Printed Fabric   -  100 %cotton Fabrics
  100 %polyester Fabrics
  P/C blended Fabrics
(4)  Main Production   :  (a)  Spinning M/C  -  100  Sets  Grade (C)  
  Facilities  (b)  Weaving M/C  -  600  Sets  Grade (B)
  (c)  Finishing M/C  -  1  Lot   Grade (C)
  Note   :   M/C   Condition Grading:
  Good   -  Grade (A)
  Moderate  -  Grade (B)
  Worst  -  Grade (C)
(5)  Work Force  :  1815  Persons
(6)  Salary  :  142.597 Kyats in Million Per Month
(7)  Unit  Cost  :  Natural Gas  -  5 US$/mm Btu
  Electricity  -  35 Kyats /KWH
  Water  -  0.25 Kyats/gallon
(8) Installed Machinery